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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My oh Me-I have a Mini Me!!

"Who run the world? GIRLS! ...
Boy u know u LOVE IT how we smart enough to make these MILLIONS, STRONG ENOUGH TO BEAR THE CHILDREN and get back to business!"-Beyonce

I had to run straight home and write today! So much to say! You know I played that song on repeat all the way home today! Let me just say here-I LOVE B! She really is Beautiful, Talented, Gracious and Fierce with a Swag that's all her own-and I think she's been a great role model for today's young girls! :) I am so happy about her Baby news and the way she announced it was truly FAB! And that brings us to the subject at hand-my OWN little Girl-YAY!!!

By now you know I'm BRUTALLY it doesn't stop now! I tell you I have always envisioned myself having a little Boy if I was ever going to have a Baby. Partly because my Family is FULL OF GIRLS, and partly because up until my 20's -I related more to Boys myself, I was a little tomboy until they started getting too FRESH with me to play with them!! LOL !
I Confess I ALWAYS Loved Men, I liked them more than I liked Girls-cuz I'm not the girly, girl-I'm very independent and boys had a very independent nature that I was drawn too..+ I didn't know many Girls who collected Comic Books like me! (I was always a little bit different and a bit of a Loner..I didn't like the Girl "pack" mentality".. and I still don't play that way! )

Also, I always wanted to raise a Boy to be the type of Man that I would have wanted to date/marry as an adult, because I don't feel many Boys are being RAISED these days-especially the way Daughters in our community are being RAISED. You know the saying-Mama's RAISE their Daughters and LOVE their Sons, right? I wanted to do something about that...but what I have said many times before...WE MAKE THOSE PLANS .. and God says, It's not about your plan.

Ok Sex and the City devotees, you may relate to this....Do you remember when Miranda was pregnant with Brady and when she went for a Sonogram? The Nurse happily and excitedly told Miranda it was a Boy and she responded with BLANK stare?? AND then when the nurse couldn't understand her reaction, she fained delight with a fake smile and the words, "A Boy, Yay!" LOL -that was me! It wasn't because of was shock and also a bit of a relief... because at that point, I knew that I had sooooo much to teach her, WOMAN to WOMAN, and I knew I would be good at it! I guess it was just.... CALM. True, I had always wanted a BOY, but I KNOW WHAT I DON'T KNOW, and I would've have definitely wanted a Dad present to show him what I DON'T KNOW about being a Man-not that I wouldn't have done a good job, I just believe that all children benefit from having the MALE & FEMALE perspective, it's just easier for me to teach my little mini-me baby Girl the female perspective than it would be for me to teach a Boy the male perspective. Wooo-Saaaaah!!!

Now get this, it is also filled with irony that I'm having a Girl, because God is gonna teach SOMEBODY a lesson.. My Baby's Father and now EX once said to me "If it's a Girl, that would've just been a WASTE of Time" -Can you believe that $h!!?? HAHA -the last laugh is on that JOKER...God don't like UGLY, and you know I laugh inside as I think about it now! You see God always knows what we need and when we need it-If ANYONE can benefit from a little girl, that Caveman character of my Child's Father-would! I swear to you he's a total Fred Flinstone-"You Woman, Me Man-GRUNT, GRUNT" . It may teach him a little freaking sensitivity and RESPECT for Women-traits that he SORELY lacks! LOL -I love the humor in it all!

Anywhooo, now I'm thinking and wondering how she will be!?? Will she be Adventurous like her Mama? Will she be creative? Will she have an inquisitive mind? Will she be resilient? Will she be an INDEPENDENT THINKER and do what SHE THINKS is right and not what other people say is (like her Mama)? And ...will she have a natural predilection for the finer things- Jimmy Choo-also like her Mama :) -if NOT I will certainly teach her! :)

Most importantly, I want to teach her to be GODFEARING. I want to teach her to be ARTICULATE, TENACIOUS and FEARLESS! I want to teach her to be CONFIDENT yet GRACIOUS. I want to teach her to be LOVING, but not be a PUSHOVER. Also, I want her to know that it is OK to feel like she NEEDS people and help sometimes. I say that because I am not a Woman that subscribes to the ideal that a "Woman doesn't need a Man." I believe ALL Women need Men, they just don't want to admit it, I know I most certainly DO NEED a Good, Strong, Godfearing Man in my life! I believe in balance in nature, balance in the mind and balance in life-a YEN to my YANG, and for my Daughter, I will teach her that although she can do ANYTHING she set's her mind to do, it's ok to WANT someone to help you once in a while and it's ok to feel like you NEED someone, and it's ok to express that need-in the right way! So I will teach her to be STRONG and SOFT, to be CAUTIOUS with her heart but be VULNERABLE enough to fall in LOVE, to FEEL with her HEART but to TRUST her instincts! And above all, to LOVE HERSELF FIRST (and of course love her MOMMY & GOD! :).

In the end, I'm saying I want to teach her, the LESSONS I have learned-Woman to Woman, Mother to Daughter, the only way I can teach my little Baby teaching what I KNOW. I can't wait to meet her!!

XOXO My Lovelies-Thank you all for taking the time to read!

QUESTION: Ladies, what do you think is the most important lesson you can teach your little one? Would love to hear your thoughts! :) Mommy to Mommy!

p.s. In my last blog I referenced seeing Fat Joe's bare belly being rubbed-it was actually Big Pun! LOL-my true hip-hop heads called me out on that one! God Bless the Dead! LOL

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  1. Congratulations Dayna!!! When you're ready to do your maternity shoot, let me know. All the best!