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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ready, Set, GO!!

Hi People,

First I must say thank you to all the wonderful advice, comments and encouragement on my last post.   You all were very helpful to me.

With that noted,  I have to keep this one short!    I think I may be going into Labor as I'm typing this.  I'm feeling some contractions (I think) at least every 10 minutes.    I'm so excited!   (and scared).   It's December 31, New Years Eve-hopefully that makes me a contender for having the First Baby of the New Year!  I told Her she should try to come today!

It's funny how God works.   I have been MISERABLE this last week-due to the physical discomfort.   It's been to the point where I am like -get this Baby out of me!   But I had no real indication that she was coming as my last two Dr. Appointments-one as recent as yesterday-confirmed that I wasn't even dilated yet.    So all week, I had been worried about my Mom getting here in time, but than according to what the Dr. said-I probably was going to go to my date -Jan. 2nd -or even later.   That news was discouraging-only because I'm feeling so ready for Her to be here and so physically uncomfortable-it was wearing on me.

So, I called my Mom after yesterday's Dr. appt. and told her the news.  She's past 70 so I didn't want her driving up here in haste.  I told her she may as well not rush.   But guess what?  She came anyway and I can only be Thankful to God, because I started feeling a semblance of something like cramps last night which I now think were contractions.

What has been my theme for this blog?  Well the central theme is that We Make Plans and God laughs!  I know he's laughing at me right now and at the same time, He has shown me mercy and grace by answering my Prayers.

My Mom tried to calm me down earlier this week when I started crying hysterically about possibly  being alone when I go into Labor, and then she said I was a "strong woman"!  God if I had a nickel, a penny, freak it -a Dollar for every time I have heard that -I would be FILTHY RICH right now.   It's true, I'm strong, smart, resourceful and independent, but that doesn't mean I don't need people.  I need a shoulder to cry on sometimes, I need and long for a partner to walk this path with me, I need to know I'm loved and I have support from those in my circle.  I need to know when I call, someone will answer.    Well I know that God answers...he hears my call even if no-one else does.     I'm so thankful that Mom is here and I'm so thankful for my gracious friends & Sorors-who I think have been Angels-sent to help through this time.

 It is has been difficult-being alone and not having support -with none at all from the Baby's Father and I don't wish this situation on anyone and I really never planned (there goes that word plan) to be in this type of situation, but again, God knew what I could bear -even when I didn't know.   Let's be clear, I decided to have this Child even though I knew the relationship wasn't working-He wasn't right AT all and I knew I had to end it.  However, this Baby was a gift and I decided to have Faith and trust that although She wasn't my plan -at this time, with this Man-She was a part of God's plan..and I'm so very thankful!   I don't regret my decision to be Her Mom. 

God Bless my Friends-hopefully, I'm off to the hospital soon and this is the Real McCoy and I'm not just having Braxton Hicks contractions! LOL.   Y'all would be really mad at the fake out!  :)

Love you and please pray for me and the Baby!




  1. Best of luck to you Soror Dayna! It's been a pleasure reading your journey and I am sure you are going to be one FAB mommy!! P.S. you do know you are never alone - that baby and you have more "AKA Aunties" than she has fingers and toes!! Soror Shannon Bowers

  2. Praying for both of you. And I know that God answers prayers. Your partner will be by your side soon. I just know it. Love you girl, Tawana

  3. You're going to be an awesome mom! Praying for you and your future HU Bison! Everything will come into place once she's here, when the Dr puts Her on your chest that first time and your eyes lock with Her' other feeling in the world!! xo LisaLynn

  4. Dayna, you know a lot of what's going on behind the scenes with me so I don't have to put my business out here. All I know that reading your post this morning gave me the strength to start off the new year correctly-cemented in my faith and with complete trust in the Lord.

    I respect what you're doing and we're all going through "something" but it's in how we handle that something that makes us more than that thing.

  5. How wonderful Dayna!!! Your shower picture is stunning & I am VERY sad I was out of state:(( Please keep us updated on this amazing journey you are on & we'll be thinking of you as you bring your New Year's Baby into the world!!!

  6. Dayna you are so blessed!! Your family and friends love you and you will have new joy in your life like you have never known. I'm so happy for you and look forward to meeting and watching your baby grown and your life grow with hers. :)

    xoxoxo, Janine

  7. Dayna I wish you and your daughter all of the blessings in the world. You two will conquer everything together.Motherhood is the best thing in the world. I know your child's father and he is not right. (You and I have hung out a few times too, I was at your birthday party at spice market) Anyway, I have a baby, a husband and one on the way so keep your head up. God is faithful. You are never alone!

  8. Forward from Phyllis Conley
    A Word for Dayna: Children are a blessing, an heritage of the Lord and His reward."Psalm 127:9. I extend blessings and congratulations of the birth of your little princess.

    I have read your blog posts with a deep sense of joy for you concerning your baby, but also with a sense off concern. It is wonderful that you are a sister-in-Christ because there are going to be situations and circumstances that will confront you that you will only be able to overcome as you learn to truly allow Jesus to be Lord - that means Master. He will only be able to be your Lord to the extent that you give Him control. People often say, "God is in control". Unfortunately, that is not so. He is only in control of your life in those areas that you submit and surrender to Him. God honors your will and will NEVER do anything without your permission. If you have not asked Him to handle a situation, He will not interfere (although it saddens Him that you lean on your own understanding instead of casting your cares on Him as He told you to do in 1 Peter 5:7-9 and fall into difficult situations). He hates to see you become anxious about anything, but He tells you in Philippians 4:6-8 how to appropriate the peace that Jesus suffered such chastisement to give you. I don't question your knowledge of the word, but I do suggest that you "eat" the word daily, and mediate on it, just the same as when you finish eating a delicious meal. Just as you feed your physical body daily, you must feed your spirit with the word of God so that you will be strengthened in your spiritual life. First, get it settled in your heart just how much He loves YOU. He made only one Dayna and He holds you in the palm of His hand and sings over you, and He wants to take care of you. He wants to lead you into the good plan He has for your life and for the baby's. But He can't do that until you first "seek" Him and His kingdom. Read, study and meditate on His word to learn His standard of righteousness: His way of being and doing right, how to stay in right standing with Him so He hears your prayers; how to get and keep your heart free of unforgiveness and offense which block you blessings; how to walk in love even with those who hurt or persecute you. From the circumstances you described and which you are facing, I would say that you should do this with the same or greater effort than you put forth in getting your degrees and advanced degrees in preparation for the life's work. You have a battle of faith ahead that will last for at least 18 years because you have to raise this child in cooperation with a man who you say is totally different in his moral values, and a whole lot of other things but you have no choice, He is the father and has equal rights to the child. Today, the woman has no priority even with a little baby. She is his child regardless of how badly his actions were towards you and he will still have every right that you have to the child. In other words, you and the father will have to share the raising of this child (if he desires to do so). Whether he will have visitation rights or shared parenting, you can't go to court constantly for every dispute. What I am saying is you are going to need the wisdom of God to get you and the father and child through this. No one is going to be able to advise you. Only God can help in this type of situation. Give Him the chance. He won't fail you but it is up to you to start asap to establishing the kind of relationship where you know He hears you (1 John 5:14-15) and you can see His answers manifest. Blessings and lot of sisterly love

  9. God bless you, Dayna...and your daughter! (IS SHE HERE YET??) GOD has you both in His loving care! Fret not! You ARE BLESSED! (Sleep when she sleeps, let some.housework go...and ENJOY!!!h